Adoption in Pakistan

While the section on “Adoption” is more general, it’s necessary to have a section devoted entirely to “Adoption in Pakistan”.

As we began to look into adoption years ago, what we learned and encountered had been discouraging, daunting, comical, fascinating, and reassuring–all at the same time! There is much information that isn’t easily available and often learned too late or not at all, scaring away many folks from adopting or making it tougher than it needs to or should be.  As of 2013, the best and only resource available for individuals looking to adopt a child from Pakistan can be found on Pakistan Adoption, listing information for the process in Pakistan, and offering a very useful listserv that connects folks exploring adotion or have information to share.

The hope is that this blog will help offer additional insight for you or someone you know who is looking to adopt and is considering Pakistan as the place from which to adopt, especially if overseas.

This section will list any posts related to adoption in Pakistan–our research, lessons learned, other resources that have informed our own journey.

Please note that often what’s written on these pages are my personal opinions and not simple recommendations that are one-size-fits-all.  You’ll have to see what works for you and what is best for you.  Only you know what you need to move forward with adoption.  So take and leave what you find on these pages as needed.

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