Lessons Learned: Before starting the process of adoption from Pakistan

If you’re thinking, planning, hoping, trying to adopt in Pakistan, these are a few lessons learned we can share and you can consider:

  1. Have as much information as possible
  2. Plan to adopt ONLY from an orphanage recognized by your country or one that is fully known as “legitimate” and well-established within Pakistan, such as one with experience in adoption with parents overseas.
  3. Do not do a “private adoption”, i.e. independent of an orphanage, if you live abroad and the adoptee will be moving to your home country
  4. Be informed and prepared–and your home country’s immigration process should be the easiest part of the adoption
  5. Brace yourself for a lot of negativity and discouragement from orphanages AND friends, family, acquaintances, and anyone with an opinion on the matter, especially when when you first begin researching and considering adoption
  6. Surround yourself with people that will be cheerleaders to drown out all the naysayyers
  7. Be pleasantly surprised that you’ll find much more positive support, once you have started the process or already have a child,
  8. Speak to as many adoptive parents as possible about their experiences of adopting from Pakistan, your home country, and other countries.
  9. Know your home country’s international adoption policies
  10. Don’t skip any step or document required by your home country’s immigration for adoptees
  11. Make your decision to adopt is based on what you want, not what others say or think
  12. Adopt ONLY if both you and your partner are equally committed and devoted to having children through adoption
  13. Apply to as many orphanages as possible
  14. Find contacts within the orphanage to help facilitate your relationship as you submit your application (this is not advised for Eidhi Center)
  15. Be prepared for anything in order to bring your child home, including delays in getting your child to your home country, which can result from procedural issues within Pakistan, the orphanage, the courts, as well as from immigration paperwork and visa processing by your home country
  16. Expect delays in bringing your child home, and then be pleasantly surprised if you don’t have that many
  17. Know that adopting a child doesn’t mean she/he adjust to your life, but instead, your life must adjust to her/him

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