How to begin this blog on infertility???

Now that the blog is live, I’ve been trying to figure out where to begin and how to fill up these empty pages.

When the idea for this blog developed more than a year ago, it was (and continues to be) about filling a void in the world of information for individuals living with infertility, particularly from the view point of an Infertile, for the consumption by other Infertiles (and by those who love them).  With that in mind, the site design aims at various phases in one’s “infertility journey” as well as larger questions for anyone ever considering to have a family. 

Unwittingly, the resulting site structure (with all it’s top and left navigation bars, pages, and blog; and with enough flexibility to allow the site to evolve over time) now resembles promises made and goals set– reminder of what I’m working toward via a blog.  While this built in road map offers a guide to the content, it remains no less overwhelming to write it.  I’ve spent more than a few days fretting and stressing about how to fill up these pages, even second guessing whether I can do this, whether this blog was a good idea, whether I even have anything useful to offer, and so on.

Nagging self doubts aside, I needed to remind myself why this is important. How helpful my online searches have been at the most critical and vulnerable of moments.  How it was some person or family that chose to share their story that helped to guide or bolster waning strength.  How at times random details led to a turning point in our approach or way of thinking.  How the utility of personal experiences online are only as good as we put back in, such as reviews on hotels, restaurants, or products.  And in this case, it is a review on living with infertility.

With each of us who have the opportunity to “put back in”, there can be more current information, more relevant stories, more diverse voices–and these “reviews” may be critical, if not life-altering, for someone.

I decided to stop thinking and start writing.

It doesn’t have to be from the beginning, as in some sequence of events, such as, “X years ago, I began my journey with infertility when….”  The “goals” or “promises” built into the site design via the menu items present an opportunity to start anywhere–more manageable and less daunting than consecutive order.

The menu pages can be initiated as blog posts, such as “About Me,” “What not to say…,” and “Lessons Learned”.  These pages don’t even to be complete sections, but instead, introductions, presenting a starting point for additional information added over time.

So, unless I happen upon an entirely different idea on how to do this, expect upcoming posts to be introductions to various sections or simply continuation of a section already introduced…

Or maybe just random posts such as this attempt to articulate and mentally process the daunting task of starting a blog as I ask “where and how to begin writing about infertility and one’s own journey”!

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