Surrogacy, India, & Pakistanis (Part I)

Similar to many folks who opt for surrogacy, we gave serious consideration to services available in India. We had to consider the possibility of a more affordable option as well as the obvious cultural appeal with our Pakistani backgrounds. It never occurred to us that the appeal would not be mutual. It never occurred to us that while we determined whether surrogacy in India was right for us, India had already decided we were not right for them.

It was fall of 2008, a little over three years since our first miscarriage. With three miscarriages behind us and two fertility-related surgical procedures, we decided to attempt a second IVF; our last attempt to get pregnant. If the cycle was not successful (i.e. another miscarriage), we were ready to shift our dwindling emotional, mental, and financial reserves to adoption, surrogacy, or both. We had already spent a couple of years gathering as much information as possible on adoption in the US, in Pakistan, and other countries. It was clearly going to be a formidable process. In comparison, surrogacy was likely the easier next step, in theory at least, but due diligence was required before making any final decisions. We had to first learn about the services available both in the US and in India. [Read more →]