Surrogacy Terminology

Some clarification on terminology. While the term “surrogacy” is used loosely and generally, the technical term is “third party carrier”. A woman who you work with to carry your baby is the GC, i.e. “gestational carrier”.  The individual or couple that pursues this route to have children are IPs, i.e. “intended parents”.  An embryo is created via IVF using the IPs genetic material, which is then transferred into the “third party”, the GC or surrogate.  In some cases, a donor egg or sperm is also used, separate from the GC.

I know all this sounds rather cold to an outsider, as it does for those of us who first are introduced to the process.  However, I can personally share that once you start this process, the words only provide us language to communicate under a very unique and uncommon relationship, and the reality is anything but cold and mechanical, but instead amazing and miraculous.

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